Professional Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Trainer

"Teachers whom I train say that they cannot wait to teach their kids Jolly Phonics and Grammar the very next day. Thanks Jolly!"

Disha Kawa has been an educator for 13 years and has previously worked with programs such as Vocaboom, which was nominated by the British Council for the ELT Innovation awards. Disha currently runs her own Centre for Jolly Phonics, Jolly grammar, creative writing and speech and drama in western Mumbai. As well as teaching off - site, Disha has taught over thousands of children annually in Jolly Phonics and grammar. She offers workshops for individual teachers, schools and activity centers, as well as parent orientations for reputed schools. She has seen the difference whilst teaching the Jolly Learning methodology; it is her vision to empower as many as she can about the correct usage of this magical program.


About the trainer

"Better than a 100 days of diligent learning is 1 day with a great trainer."

Disha Kawa has been invited as an educator for "TEACHERS TRAINING WORKSHOPS" and curriculum planning for Phonics and Grammar using Jolly Learning methodology at various private and international schools and preschools across India, Burma and other parts of the world. She has also been conducting certified training workshops on Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, Speech and Drama and Creative Writing for parents and teachers alike. Disha is a "Professional Jolly Phonics and Grammar Trainer" certified by Jolly Learning Ltd, UK. Disha also trains children for the Trinity College, London exams on communication skills and speech and drama. In addition to this Disha has volunteered as a special researcher for children with learning disabilities with assessment and remedial centers like Saahas. She has been able to enable kids to grow up into great readers and writers through the multi-sensory methodology of Jolly Phonics. Kids with a strong foundation in reading and strong spelling skills eventually develop impressive creative writing and communication skills.


Key Achievements

  • Invited for the Jolly Global Trainer's Conference, held in London in July 2013, where representatives from 35 countries were invited
  • She conducted a not-for-profit Teacher Training workshop for teachers at the Herbilas Goyal Inter College, Ujhani ( Uttar Pradesh) and government schools in Tamil Nadu.
  • She successfully completed training of Teachers at Brainworks - Total Group of Schools International , an elite group of schools in Myanmar, Burma.
  • She addressed a Parents Orientation on Jolly Phonics for Vibgyor High School, (Mumbai)
  • She has trained at reputed schools like Nisaa Institute of Teacher Training (New Mumbai), Presidency International School (Bhawani), Sneh International School (Delhi), Tapti Valley International School (Surat), Brainworks Total International Schools (Burma),
  • She has trained teachers in Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar and Speech and Drama from reputed schools like Thakur International, Podar International, Ryan International, Gundecha, and Teachers from Kolkata, Nasik, Pune, Dubai, Surat and South Africa apart from Mumbai.





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